Who we are


TranslateMeaning has been an established brand since its start with headquarters located in Río Negro, Argentina. The company has been rapidly growing based on its pool of skillful and successful linguists. In TranslateMeaning, our leitmotif is meaning beyond mere words. Our avenue is words and our objective is meaning: we do not translate words but meaning.

With an eye to offering language services of the utmost quality, not all of our linguists translate any text but rather we have highly specialized linguists for each specific area of expertise. This way, TranslateMeaning stands itself as a “tailored-made solution” for all of our clients’ needs.

Why choose TranslateMeaning?

  • Training
    We are constantly improving our processes and training our linguists in both linguistics and IT.
  • Management
    We manage each project based on a careful analysis of its requirements, so we assign the best qualified linguist to the job.
  • 24×7 Services
    We provide 24x7 services, since we work for the “global village”: North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Other Services
    When a client needs help with certification or legalization.
  • Team
    We have a solid and robust management and linguistic team that is of the essence to provide clients with the utmost quality.


TranslateMeaning is a 5-tier structure company:

  • The Project Managers, who are responsible for dealing with the client and assigning the project to the most qualified linguist according to the project characteristics.
  • The team of Proofreaders & Editors, who are responsible for proofreading and editing the texts.
  • The QA team that is responsible for the “final eye” process.
    The QA stage is in turn divided in 2 steps: the “raw” FE and the last FE; in the first QA step, the QA team member reviews the text following a series of measurable criteria -both format-related and linguistic- and in the second step, another QA team member reviews the text again, and if they have comments or questions, they send it back to either the first QA team member or the Proofreader/Editor.
  • The Recruiting team, that is responsible for assessing new candidates for our company and also providing recruiting services to third parties.
  • The Administration team, that is responsible for invoicing, billing, payments, and related-matters.

Being ATA certified is one of the industry’s most respected and recognized credential. In TranslateMeaning, we have ATA certification to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and recognize translators who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality translations.